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Stop sucking at poker

Get the inside scoop on your opponents playing style. Avoid the sharks and devour the fish! Nom!

PokerStoker rules!

Spot Threats

The poker seas are filled with sharks and identifying them is key to success.

Plan Moves

Knowing your opponents playing style will help you adjust your play.

Exploit Weakness

Easily identify the fish at the table. Those losers need to be exterminated and you're the futuristic poker cyborg to do it. Hasta la vista, baby!

Start Winning!

Guaranteed* to drastically improve your results and overall poker play. More information leads to improved decision making which leads to cash!
* - No guarantees for idiots

PokerStoker rules!

How It Works

Step 1 - Enable Hand Histories

Enable Hand Histories

The poker client can be configured to collect hand history files for subsequent analysis. The files get updated after each hand you play.

Step 2 - Enable Hand Histories

Load PokerStoker

Load hand history file into PokerStoker. It will track the hand history file and automatically update player statistics in near real time.

Step 3 - Play!


Place the PokerStoker window next to your poker client. Use the data to guide your play and crush the opposition!

PokerStoker rules!
Profit graph Hi. My name is Andrew. I'm a web developer and casual poker player. I enjoy playing online tournaments but I kept getting knocked out by unknown fucktards. Alas, to improve I needed to start tracking these asshats. But I wanted a simple solution that didn't require complex database administration or a PhD in statistical wizardry. Not finding one, I decided to build PokerStoker.

Check out my profit graph to see how my fortune has drastically improved since I've been using it!